Monday, 28 April 2014


I am really happy with the outcome of the project. It has turned into an almost comical look at different peoples personalities and the way that each person has interpreted each image title. There are different things that you can draw from this project; specific things about the people that took the images, the type of things that people photograph for each subject, and in some cases, very similar things (eggs!). Each person that views the piece will take something different from it, something different will stand out to different people and that's what I like about it. I like that it can be viewed in so many ways, the fact that it's so big that you can look and compare each image. Compare the images that one person took, or compare the images for each question. I think that through showing it in the gallery space in this way allows the viewer to fully understand the project. All of the images would be shown, and spaces for where images didn't come out. At first I thought these spaces wouldn't work but I think it makes it almost, more effective. It gives breaks in between the images allowing the images not to be come as overwhelming as they could. It also shows that once I had given the cameras out, the project was out of my hands including the developing and printing. I wanted to show the natural way these cameras would be developed by any of these people, I didn't think that a fancy print would have worked as I liked the raw quality of the image prints and it's something we all know from when we have got our own disposable cameras developed.

Alongside the images would be my description and the questions above and Subject and their number to the left, all shown in Helvetica, an easily read and recognized font. Again here, I didn't want to overcomplicate things, I wanted to show what the project was about and how they can be read as simply and easily as possible and the font works well with this.

I have written about my understanding of how a final resolution is not always that simple and that a project has to be adaptable for each space that it could potentially go into. I have found my ideal situation, but this would not always be possible to be shown in in each location. As mentioned before, I would chose a selection myself, the images that stood out to me and exhibit them as my impression on these people's portraits and putting a little more of myself into the project and I think this could work effectively. The images would be shown singularly in a series all at the same 6x4 size.

I also think my project could work effectively in a book and again as I have stated before I would like to show the project in more than one way within it. It would be shown simply showing each person and their 27 images, 1 image to a page allowing the viewer to view each image by itself. It would then be shown by image number in a grid of 9 allowing the viewer to see all of the images grouped together to draw their own information and assumptions from it that way. It would then go onto the final image of all of the images in its grid showing it all in that way. This allows me to show the reader how the images should be read but also giving the viewer a chance to see it in different ways. This isn't a project that should be seen in one way, it works well with many and through its adapdability it could potentially be seen in many a space.

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