Tuesday, 22 April 2014


1. Go into the next room and photograph an object that stands out to you

2. Circle

3. Take a photograph of your bedroom how it is right now

4. Two green objects next to each other

5. Love

6. An obsession

7. The contents of your bag

8. Food

9. Photograph something that gives you pleasure

10. Put the camera on the floor, bottom down, and take a picture

11. Moist

12. The letter P

13. Photograph something you find weird

14. Take a picture of your front door from outside your house

15. Something big, next to something small

16. Nature

17. Fun

18. Open your fridge and take a picture

19. Photograph the shoes you wear the most

20. Beauty

21. Something beginning with E and something beginning with L next to each other

22. Life

23. Take a picture of the sky

24. Take a picture of your favourite thing

25. A body part

26. Something you like next to something you don’t like

27. Photograph something that reflects your current mood

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