Friday, 25 April 2014



Looking into a portrait without it being an actual portrait, Uta Barth is a great example. She photograph's the 'essence' of a portrait by focusing in on a person, and then moving them out of the image and so the image is out of focus, and it appears that something is missing.

It's interesting looking into these different examples of portraits to make me think about my different example of a portrait and without it too being a portrait. Although most of these have a much more simpler way of being shown in a gallery context as essentially they are straight photography and work on their own. Thinking about my work in this way, select images could also be shown. Each image still shows a 'portrait' of the person without the other images, it is just more of a full 'portrait' with all of the other images alongside them, but obviously I understand that it wouldn't be possible to exhibit such a large piece each time and so need to look into other options and I think that showing some of the images maybe in a seperate series could work. If I chose my favourite images and the most visually interesting I think it could work well and it would almost be my input on their portrait yet again, I gave the questions and now I am selecting the images to be shown.

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