Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I am looking into how different photographers portray self portraits without actually showing their face and these self portraits by Ryan Halliwill are another example along the lines of Julie Pochron as food is used within the images. I have also actually included a food question within my series of images in the form of a fridge and food has been used within other images and so I think it is interesting to think about how specific photographers have consciously decided to add food into their images where as within my images, although it is a conscious decision to add food into the images, they wouldn't necessarily be thinking about it as a self portrait of themselves. It's also making me start to think about the relationship between food and people and the different ways that this could be shown and thought about.

From what I know, these images are only online based, as they don't appear to be in a specific series. I found them on his flickr pages as I couldn't access his Cargo page/website but it is interesting the way the are uploaded onto here as they are all jumbled meaning he hasn't necessarily thought about the context of it being shown on here to the extent you would in a book or gallery space.

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