Tuesday, 15 April 2014




'I've gathered different elements in my immediate physical environment and created facsimiles of them using varying technical resources and materials. The organic substances in the images are found inside and surrounding my homes and hold some significance for me. 

I printed the photographs on a digital duplicator with soy based ink. The process uses four individually colored inks, each layer separated out digitally in the original image file and then printed one at a time. The inks physical composition is experienced through sight, smell, and touch. By reworking their material and visual qualities I'm attempting to get closer to the meaning that they hold for me.'

I found this project really interesting, the idea that the substances were found inside and around her homes and therefore hold a specific significance to her. The idea of the personal being made into imagery like this makes me think about the ideas within my project, how objects and the photographers choices show more about the photographer than first thought.


Barton-Ballentine has described this as an ongoing project showing some of her houseplants. Again an insight into her, without actually showing her.

I'm not sure whether any of these have been exhibited but they could do so easily as they are in a very specific series that could be easily formatted.

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