Tuesday, 15 April 2014


The Significant Savages is a book compiling together a collection of profile pictures that don't show the person themselves. I love this idea as it is this one image that the person has chosen to represent them, and must say a lot about the person. Whether it be a dog, location or... body builder, you can take something from that image about the person and it too performs as a self portrait without it being a literal one.

It is in a book format and is split into sections showing a specific type of image for example landscapes or pets and the specific type of images are grouped together further by ordering them in such a way that they are paired with a similar image next to them, whether that be by colour or by specifics.

I really like the idea of this project and I find it really interesting the way it has been laid out. It's also really interesting to think of how it could be changed for a gallery setting as it is unlikely it would be able to be produced in a similar way.

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